Julie quoted in latest OHBaby! Magazine

‘You cannot be cross with your children if you are singing’

Pick up a copy of the lastest OHBaby! Magazine to find quotes from Julie amongst a wonderful article by Miriam McCaleb.



Great news, I already had some bean bag frogs so I tried out the Bean Bag Frog Song on Monday with great interactive results. So simple and effective. I sang it a-cappella like on the CD breaking it down nice and slow – all the kids and parents were right into it and straight away the kids the kids starting singing along with me. They also decided to make up their own ideas for what the frogs could do. Precious little minds at work…my favourite was balancing your frog on top of your head and now get ready to drop!

Thanks again and I really hope I also get to meet you one day.

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Melanie Maslin, Baby Love Music Fun, Australia
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