Stories and Musical Play go hand in hand. We have been using the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” each week this term with our children 2-5 years. Parents have reported that their children have been inspired to recreate this story in so many ways. One family had their coffee table transformed into a cave with a blanket placed over the top to make the cave. The children acted out this story every night before bed time and started adding their own sequences to the story.

Another family created their own story, “We’re Going on a Beach Hunt”. They found a cave, imagined that there was a bear, and collected sticks, shells, colourful stones and driftwood treasure, which they took home to add to their musical sounds treasure box.

Yet another family had a Bear Hunt as their birthday party theme. They had a birthday cake with a Bear on top, they had a teddy bears’ picnic and played several of my teddy bear songs including “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” and “I’ve Got a Teddy Bear”.

Such play extends children’s creative thinking, problem solving, language development, rhythmic patterning and musical skills. When families join in such play it builds special bonds and memories that can last a lifetime.

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Hi Julie, I attended your workshop in Auckland on Saturday. Just want to let you know it’s awesome and very practical. Thanks. I will definitely try what I learned from you with my pre-schoolers. I hope there are many more workshops to come. As I said to you before, you are truly amazing! To have such passion for what you are doing at your age is just so inspiring! Thanks Julie for an awesome workshop Xo

Jessie Lin
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