Vivaldi- Four Seasons for Children Concert

A very special concert for children in Christchurch!




Vivaldi – Four Seasons for Children

TWO matinee concerts: musical play linking art, dance and music.

2pm – children up to 4 years
4pm – children from 5-8 years

Door open half an hour before
the beginning of each concert

Adult $10
Child $5
Tickets at the door – cash only

You can listen to two samples of music which will be played on period instruments by Szabolcs Illes, Edita Keglerova, Tomas Hurnik, Johnathan Tanner and Shelley Wilkinson:

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – Autumn (3rd movement)

Summer (Presto) – Vivaldi

More information about concert for children at



From Julie:

When children are able to experience music through movement, dance and sensory play such as drawing, painting to music, they develop a strong sense of the form of music, the beginning, middle end of a piece of music. They develop understanding of how to listen and respond creatively to musical expression, to the sequences, phrases, timing, rhythmic patterns and melodic contours of the music. Such play opens up the world of musical imagination and a sense of appreciation and wonder. Musical appreciation is developed when parents sing, dance and play musically with their children and when they are given many varied opportunities to experience the world of music and music making.




Thank you for this morning’s celebration. (25 Years of Julie Wylie Music) I was all choked up when you held the parachute with us!

It was amazing to see so many people we know and your music holding it all together. You are an amazing blessing to our city and our children.

May God richly bless you.

The Holcroft Family
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