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Julie Wylie Musical Play
Julie Wylie Musical Play is feeling inspired.
After we shared our thoughts on using tummy lying to regulate groups of children, we were sent this wonderful example of students lying on their tummies listening to music and drawing the patterns they hear.

This was sent by a wonderful music teacher is such an enthusiastic advocate of the power of musical play. Listening to music and interpreting rhythmic, and melodic patterns through art is a regular feature of their classroom music for regulation, listening and creativity.

Teachers like this are pure gold, what lucky lucky students.
Julie Wylie Musical Play
Julie Wylie Musical Play
Did you know that it can be very regulating for children to lie on their tummies?
Is this something your centre does for music?

The deep pressure is calming for little brains and can make for a very effective tool when music sessions are getting too busy or children have been stuck inside and need help quietening down. We often use the floor as a drum, lying on tummies.... or make pitter patter finger sounds for “Rain Rain Go Away”... or sing stories. ☔️ 📚 🎵