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Julie Wylie Musical Play
Julie Wylie Musical Play
The world is an unsettling place for many of us right at the moment. Have you found yourself gravitating towards music you’ve listened to hundreds of times? Found yourself turning up the radio when a song from your youth comes on?

Music is profoundly connected to our emotions, and the ability to feel safe and connected through hearing music we love, music that takes us to a particular place or time, is immensely powerful for our mental wellbeing.
The same goes for children. No matter how old they are, bring back those lullabies you sang to them when they were babies. Turn on the music you played with them- even if it’s for a laugh now. Seek out the songs you remember together and let this be healing. Because we know children are feeling unsettled in a variety of ways- and we know that music that they know and remember is one small way we can connect them, and us, with feelings of safety and relationship and trust.
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Julie Wylie Musical Play
Julie Wylie Musical Play
Any of us can use little moments in the weekend to build up children’s musicality in very simple, yet effective ways. Tick off a couple of these this weekend!
•Create a short list of sounds to find in the garden. A high sound, a rough sound, a funny sound, a pitched sound, a low sound, a soft sound
• Turn a favourite story into a song- instead of reading it, use a simple melody to sing the book
• Draw 8 circles of create 8 play dough balls or stack 8 blocks and sing the scale 1-8. Then sing back down and show them how to point to notes and sing them
• Put on your favourite album at home and sing along- showing them our joy and love of music is just as important as them experiencing their own
• Blow up a balloon and sing a throw and catch song or use it as a drum