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Daddy Day of Musical Play

On Saturday, our “Daddy and Me” morning was held, facilitated by Julie Wylie and Liz and James Townshend. What a fantastic time! It was awesome to see fathers playing alongside their children, taking a moment to forget about the world around and truly entering the world of musical play. Boys and girls turned up with the biggest smiles on their faces, knowing that this was their special time with dad. One little girl came in to the room telling everyone around – “Today is daddy day, daddy day at music!”

The day was filled with so many special moments, and as an observer, watching the interactions was absolutely magical. The photos below hopefully show a glimpse of some of these! It was a fantastic turn out, and a successful fundraiser for the The Champion Centre Music Department. Thank you to everyone that came along, to those who participated, those who donated, and especially to Julie, Liz and James for making the morning possible!

Clare Newton
Workshops and Event Coordinator


It was wonderful to see so many fathers come with their children to the “Daddy and Me” Champion Centre music programme fund raiser on Saturday 29th March.
We raised almost $600 which was a great effort and thanks to everyone who contributed. It was such a highlight to hear fathers singing so beautifully and interacting with their children. Several fathers said how much they appreciated having quality music time together with other fathers and experiencing the support of other Dads. They valued being able to come together as a group and sharing the highlights of musical play with their children. They also said how much they enjoyed having another father James Townshend involved with the music programme and his presentation  of  the signed story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, supported by his wife Liz on the drum.  There were many memorable moments, but for me seeing fathers proudly dancing, singing and playing with their children and seeing the pride reflected on their children’s faces as they came in with their Dads was very special. The fathers’ play was nurturing and very playful. The deep, rich singing voices of these fathers was memorable.

Julie Wylie Music Specialist.

Wonderful Workshop with Julie and Sarah

It was a cold and rainy evening on Monday 3rd March, when 22 preschool educators arrived at the South Learning Centre to take part in a practical workshop, celebrating the launch of “Magical Musical Play.” The attendees warmed up very quickly, as Julie launched straight into a demonstration of “Roll up to the Circus!” Julie went through each of the songs on her CD, explaining how they may best be used in a musical play environment. The evening was filled with learning, fun, some yummy snacks and many moments of shared laughter. What a great way to celebrate the launch of Julie’s new CD!

Clare Newton
Events and Workshop Coordinator


Daddy and Me : Julie Wylie Musical Play

Join us for an interactive musical play session designed especially for dads and their children.

Facilitated by Julie Wylie, James and Liz Townshend

A fundraiser for The Champion Centre— all proceeds will be gifted to the Music Department

Cost : $10 per child (with adult)
Date : Saturday 29th March
Venue : The Champion Centre
Email or call Clare on 0274626488 to book your space.

Times :
9.30 – 10.00am 6 months to 1 year
10.15 – 10.45am 1 to 2 years
11.00 – 11.30am 2 to 3 years
11.45 – 12.15pm 3 to 5 years


Newest CD Released November 2013

Magical Musical Play incorporates Julie Wylie’s philosophy of introducing the language of music to children so that they understand and use the elements of music in their own creative play.

Magical Musical Play promotes tuneful singing, a strong sense of musical form and rhythmic flow through movement and dance.

The pitch games help children understand and play notes in relation to their own bodies.

The catchy melodies and themes with wonderful musical arrangements inspire the child to take the lead and create their own dances and music.

As they become empowered musically they become proud performers who delight in leading others into their own magical creative world of the imagination.

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