Children’s Spontaneous Singing

Wednesday 2nd March 2016
Julie Wylie

Spontaneous singing is at the heart of early childhood. It is a natural and essential element of children’s play.
They sing about what they are doing moment by moment from digging in the sandpit, to painting a picture.
Children’s spontaneous songs give rhythm to their playing, form to their movements, and warmth and feeling to their words.
Children can sing their feelings and emotions more easily than describing how they feel.
Children’s spontaneous singing is adapted to suit any situation.
Children’s spontaneous songs start as fluid sung expressions and develop from early babbling.
Children often start to sing these spontaneous songs before they are a year old and they enjoy attempting to sing along with family members.
Children often sing before they can walk.
They often sing their first words.
The more you sing to your child from birth, the more expressive your child will be through song.