Christmas Musical Play Gift Idea

Thursday 4th December 2014
– Julie Wylie

I really like this Christmas gift idea shared this week by of one of the mothers in our musical play classes. Her eldest daughter aged four loves to dance and to create her own musical play ideas at home with her little sister and brother. This mother has just bought three of my children’s music CDs: “MAGICAL MUSICAL PLAY”, “BOP IT IN THE ROCKET” and “SING MERRY CHRISTMAS”. She bought three colours of organza:  red, green and yellow. She also bought beautiful ribbon sticks, colourful rainbow ribbons on rings, and a set of maracas all on line from Every Educaid. She bought a beautiful box from the $2 dollar store and said that with the colours of the folded organza fabric merging in the bottom of the box, the ribbon sticks carefully layered, the two maracas and CDs on top, she knew this was the perfect Christmas present for her daughter. “I can’t wait to see her face when she opens the box and to hear our children singing and dancing along to the CDs. It will all add to the magic of Christmas day.

I want to foster my daughter’s creativity and love of musical play and dance at home. She is becoming much more confident and is making up songs, actions and dances. She is developing such a sense of rhythm, tunefulness and musicality and is involving not only her siblings, but other children as well in all her musical play. She puts on little shows and all the children love being involved. There is never time to be bored in our home. The children are totally captivated by the power of music and they will all love these CDs with their favourite songs. These beautiful music props will bring their music alive”.