Five Reasons Why Every Child Needs Music, and What You Can do to Help. Foster a Love of Musical Play.

Monday 2nd March
– Julie Wylie

  • Musical play promotes healthy brain growth and development,
  • Music can calm or arouse children and is a powerful way of regulating children, especially if they are upset, or overtired.
  • Musical play fosters creativity when children sing, say, move and play together. Use a variety of props such as natural materials, (driftwood, stones, shells, leaves etc).  Use scarves, ribbon sticks, organza, rainbow ring, parachute,teddy bears.  Musical play helps children develop a sense of themselves in relation to others, a sense of the space around them.  They learn to sing tunefully, to play in time to a steady beat and to play rhythmic patterns. Sing nursery rhymes, and rhythmic rhyming stories such as “Hairy McLarey From Donaldson’s Dairy” and any rhyming stories by Lynley Dodds, “Brown Bear”, “Polar Bear” “Summery Saturday Morning” by Margaret Mahy to name a few.
  • Musical play helps children to listen, to identify different sounds, to play loud, soft, fast slow, high low, to listen and copy echo songs, and rhythmic patterns. To play musical turn taking games. Try drum play together making up rhythmic patterns and keeping the beat together as you chant and sing.
  • You can sing and play at home, at pre-school, school, in the car, at the park, at the beach, anywhere. You can sing daily routines helping children to wash their hands, get ready for their bath, for bed. Musical play is fun and when you are all involved it helps build a strong sense of playfulness and togetherness. Remember there is no right or wrong way to engage in musical play!

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JulieWylie’s CDs: “Sing and Play”, “Magical Musical Play”, “Teddy Bears Tango”, “Bop it in the Rocket”,  “do the Bean Bag Bop”, “Swing Me a Song” have lots of songs and themes for musical play.

Every Educaid  have some wonderful music props such as great range of drums, scarves, organza, musical instruments etc.

Have Fun!