Magical Musical Mermaids’ and Pirates’ Party


  • simple shells for the table
  • sea coloured organza : blue, green, gold, and cream/white
  • baskets/boxes of driftwood, shells, stones of various sizes : small, medium and large
  • blue, silver and gold balloons of various shapes and sizes
  • make or buy ribbon sticks.

N.B Every Educaid have a great selection of organza and ribbon sticks. Pirate hats are often available at the two dollar shop.

If sending out children’s invitations, make decorated fish cards. Cut out enough circles the size of the cards. Make a fish shape by taking out a triangle from one side to form the fish’s mouth. Now glue the triangle shape to the point attached onto the body on the other side of the circle. This becomes the fish’s tail. Children help decorate with paints, and glitter if desired. Children can come dressed as mermaids or pirates. (Have a few spare pirate hats and organza for mermaids.)

The mermaid birthday cake is simply a large circle of sponge cake or chocolate sponge made in the same way as the invitation cards with a triangle cut out for the mouth on one side and attached from the point of the triangle to form the fish’s tail on the other side. Decorate in shades of pale blue or green icing swirled to look like a fish.

Have your children help decorate a cardboard box Treasure Chest with small boxes of the shells, driftwood, or stones inside. You may already have a box which can be used for this purpose.

The table is decorated with sea theme, a cockle shell or similar shell containing jelly beans is at each place setting for each child to take home. Each shell can be tied up in cellophane with sea coloured curling ribbon.



Step One : when everyone is ready sit down in a circle and sing to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:

I see a mermaid swimming in the sea, (do swimming actions with arms)
I see a mermaid pretty as can be, (each child frames their face with their hands and moves from side to side)
Look at the mermaid swimming in the sea, (Use sign for looking)
Look at the mermaid swimming in the sea, (Use sign for looking)
I see a mermaid swimming in the sea, (do swimming actions with arms)
Diving with the dolphins in the deep blue sea (Use diving action with both  arms)


Step Two : Now for the pirates’ song same Twinkle Twinkle Little Star tune. But with deep pirate voices.

I see the pirates sailing on the sea (cross arms and sway from side to side),
I see the pirates sailing on the sea,
I see the pirates strong as can be ( put hands on hips and look strong)
They’re climbing up the rigging to see what they can see,  (pretend to be holding onto the ropes using an upward climbing action)
I see the pirates sailing on the sea,
See the pirates sailing on the deep blue sea.   (Julie Wylie)


Step Three : Put on the music the Aquarium from composer Saint Saen’s “Carnival of the Animals’ or track 16 “Up and Down and Around and Around” from my new cd Magical Musical Play.

The mermaids dance to the music dancing under and around organza held by helpers holding each end, gently moving fabric up and down for the waves of the sea. You may have a whole series of waves for dancers to go under depending on how many helpers you have to hold and move the organza.  Dancers can use ribbon sticks, or expressive hand movements.


Step Four : Now it’s time for the pirates dance which is Track 9 “Pirates Like Sailing on the Deep Blue Sea”  from my new Cd Magical Musical Play. Follow all the simple sung instructions. For the chorus line pirates fold arms and move side to side with wave like actions following the rhythmic pattern of the music. For “Shiver me timbers and away we go”, each pirate walks around in a individual circle with arms still folded.


Step Five : Children sit back down in a circle for track 10 “Balloon song” with you in the middle throwing the balloon to each child in turn and waiting for them to throw it back to you. The balloon can be decorated like a fish. This balloon activity is very beautiful and calming.

Step Six : Pass the treasure chest around the circle and each child chooses either two pieces of driftwood, two matching sized stones, or two shells. Each child takes a turn to play their treasure while others listen to their rhythmic pattern. Some children find it easier to chant simple words and play the pattern of the words: “listen to my shells”. Shells must be played softly or they will break. You play the children a pattern and they copy you. The birthday child can then take a turn playing a very simple rhythmic pattern of words such as “I like ice cream” the other children copy. Others may want a turn with this echo game.

Other rhythmic suggestions: “I like birthday cake”, “I like treasure”, “I am a mermaid”. When the game is over, sing instructions to the children to put their treasure back as the treasure box is carefully passed around the circle. This game encourages children to listen, create and copy rhythmic patterns.

To the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” sing the instructions: “Now put the shells back in the box”, keep singing these words to the tune until they are all put carefully away. Now repeat the tune for putting the sticks, then the stones back.


Enjoy the party food and give children an opportunity for free play and then the opening of the presents. Enjoy the party and the children will too!