Musical Play Events Summary 2014

This year we have conducted training programmes for several early childhood centres in Christchurch including a 6 hour training programme for one centre. These programmes have helped teaching staff to feel confident in being able to understand and use the elements of music and to implement musical play in their daily routines and interactive play sessions. All the teachers have reported that they are singing with greater confidence and all centres say that they are hearing children singing more, creating their own songs and using music elements in their own play. One centre have noted that the babies are much more settled through the use of calming strategies and music from Julie Wylie’s CD “Rock_A-Bye Blues” that they are now using at sleep time.

Staff from the centre which had the six hour training programme created musical play learning stories about how their children are using musical play in a variety of settings. They have written a beautiful book with case studies, photos and examples of children’s own musical play ideas and songs. One teacher is now using chime bars each day with the children and has taught herself the introductions of several nursery rhymes nursery rhymes and familiar songs. As a result both she and the children are singing tunefully and confidently. Children are using the chime bars with her to create their own little songs and tunes.

Julie was invited to present at the Kodaly Music conference “Bridging the Gap” in Sydney 29th September-2nd October and she was also invited to present music workshops in Wellington and Blenheim.

Two fund raising musical play sessions were offered for Music Education New Zealand Aotearoa (MENZA) and the Champion Centre: these were “My Family and Me” and “Daddy and Me” sessions for children 0-5 years.

Julie conducted a five hour training day: “the Art of Musical Play” for teachers, parents and therapists in July and she also presented a two hour workshop for parents, teachers and librarians in February.

Feed-back from these workshops has led to invitations to present workshops and papers in various places in 2015.  

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