One Year Old Amelia’s Spontaneous Singing

5th April 2016
Julie Wylie

Amelia sings all day long.  Her singing is musical. Her spontaneous singing is helping her discover how to create sounds and words and is reinforcing her understanding of her world. She is using many aspects of music and speech in her vocal experiments and singing as language acquisition and singing go hand in hand.There is a sense of pitch, rhythm, phrasing, timing, expression, much use of repetition and a sense of form. Like Reid, her spontaneous singing is a natural and essential element of everything she does. Notice how she sings Da Da using the soh me 5-3 degrees of the major scale. She then sings in a higher register. Her babbling is highly rhythmical and she explores a range of consonants: Ba, da, ma. She is clearly enjoying all the  patterns she is creating. Her singing is a vital part of her self-expression. Her spontaneous singing is providing a framework for all her vocal and physical exploration.

Her mother is tuned into her daughter’s singing. She asks Amelia where she is going in a musical way starting her question using a higher pitch then going to a lower pitch range and waiting at the end of her question. Mother and daughter are having a musical conversation. Spontaneous singing, like ordinary speech can be adapted to fit any occasion.