We’re Going on a Sound Hunt

Tuesday 14th April 2015
– Julie Wylie

Children are natural explorers. Autumn/Fall is the perfect time for you to go on a “Sound Hunt” to the gardens, forest, beach, or any natural environment.  We can help the children develop a sound picture of the world around us by encouraging them to listen to the natural sounds such as the crashing of waves at the beach, the wind in the trees, or the sound of birds singing.  Notice where the sounds are coming from and what is making the specific sounds.

  • Collect found objects such as beautiful autumn leaves, sticks, stones, acorns or chestnuts.
  • Encourage children to listen to sounds and rhythmic patterns as they tap the leaves, sticks and other found objects together.
  • Tap and rub the trunks of trees. Are the sounds rough or smooth, hollow or dense?
  • Walk through piles of autumn leaves and listen to the delightful scrunching sound as you walk through the leaves.
  • Play listening turn taking games together, “listen to my pattern”, copy me
  • Who can find the loudest sound, the softest sound, the highest or lowest sound, the roughest sound, the smoothest sound?
  • Make up stories and use the found sounds to provide the sound effects for the story. “The bear was snuffling in the leaves looking for tasty morsels to eat”.
  • Make up songs: “We’re Going on a Sound Hunt, what will we find? I have found some treasure, listen to the sound”.
  • Make a beautiful Autumn display of your autumn treasures
  • Have a beautiful treasure box which the children decorate with non-perishable objects such as shells, stones, sticks, driftwood

All children enjoy being out exploring the natural environment. This exploration is of special value to children with visual impairments who will enjoy playing a ‘follow that sound’ game.

For further ideas see my book “Music, Learning and Your Child” available on our website.

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